We, the Chosen

Democracy is often equated to a being essential to a free society, and is also often confused with being the basis for capitalism as a superior system when maligning socialism.

Strangely enough, no political system today guarantees the right to vote and which is what we understand is needed for self-determination.

In the system there are already so many inherent constraints – the choice of available candidates and numbers and seat representation of the community in the overall vote – are two that immediately come to mind.

Then there is the obvious: seat gerrymandering, disqualification of voters and votes on technicalities when unable to do so legally, and of course the limiting of the means, locations and times to vote.

Even when elected, the people’s elected representative might have very limited rights and little power when there is a dominant executive controlling the government institutions.

Democracy also tends to be based on a winner takes all system, so when the winner has 50 percent of the vote plus one, who does he or she serve?

Besides the state, there are often also other forces at play, be it a monarchy or a religous establishment, from which a government of the day is then both behodden to and given having extra-ordinary powers in return.

We really do not need to worry, it is already all decided, not by whom we can choose, but by those who have chosen themselves and who will wisely decide for us.

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